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In the real estate industry, staying one step ahead of the competition is essential to success.

Luckily, technology has made major strides in recent years for agents and brokers when it comes to helping make the selling process easier. With new advancements popping up all the time, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and identify which may offer your business strategy an edge.   

One of the biggest trends in real estate right now is mobile-friendly technology. Mobile technology has taken off in recent years, with more people than ever relying on their smartphones or tablets to help manage their lives and conduct business. Agents and brokers need to make sure their websites are mobile friendly and easy to use if they want buyers and sellers to be able to access information quickly and without any hassle.   

#PROTIP: Want to see how any website looks on modern devices? Try a tool like  Responsinator or Responsive Design Checker to see what visitors see on different devices.

Additionally, virtual reality walkthroughs are gaining traction amongst agents who want to provide prospective buyers with an immersive view of properties before they even step foot inside them. Whether showcasing domestically or to an international buyer overseas, VR walkthroughs enable prospects to remotely experience the property like never before — and we’re willing to bet the tech only gets better from here.

Finally, new development search tools like DASH are a breakthrough service becoming increasingly popular amongst today’s tech-savvy agents and brokers, providing them with comprehensive lists of developer inventory sales and marketing data, tailored specifically to their preferences and buyers’ needs. 

3 ways DASH simplifies the selling process for brokers & agents: 

1) Exclusive AccessDASH is only available to agents, brokers and homebuilders. Because we’re a closed-loop platform, we focus entirely on the relationship and communications, making sure the sharing of property information is kept organized, accurate and shareable on a moment’s notice     

2) Cloud Computing – We’re in the cloud and available on any device. Meaning agents, brokers and sales teams can easily share information from anywhere in the world with colleagues or clients securely and quickly– eliminating time wasted downloading data from multiple sources each time you need something updated or distributed again.    

3) Social Media – Ok, social media isn’t exactly new — Facebook first graced the web nearly 20 years ago —  but what is new is how easy we’re making it for agents and brokers to share developer property info. The days of endlessly searching through dropbox for the right image or video — only to find it in some format or file size you can’t even open — those days are gone with DASH

Remember when we said we’re based in the cloud and everything is available anywhere, anytime? That includes perfectly formatted social media content for every property on our platform, ready to be shared to your eager audiences online. 

At DASH, we connect the dots so agents and brokers can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat for listing promotion as well as getting word out about open house events or market changes too.   

All this being said, it’s clear that the latest trend in real estate is making things easier for agents and brokers alike – whether they’re searching for new listings manually or leveraging automated processes to sell more, faster. Technology provides an incredible number of benefits if properly leveraged – so it pays off (literally!) for those in this industry who invest in understanding how best to utilize these options available today.

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