DASH is a SaaS PropTech platform

Created Exclusively for Licensed Residential Real Estate Agents

Executive Summary

A user-friendly platform providing real estate agents with access to new development content exclusive to pre- and new-construction projects in major U.S. markets.

Condos — Condo Hotels — Penthouses — Townhomes — Single-Family Communities


Problem & Solution

The Current Agent Experience is PAINFULLY INEFFICIENT


The process of project research, discovery, and connection is painstaking and cumbersome, resulting in wasted time and slower sales.

  • Discovering & keeping informed of developer projects is difficult
  • If available, content is shared via Dropbox, without tools to keep agents informed
  • Branded development marketing materials are hard to access, and unbranded materials may not exist at all
  • Current resources do not include pre-construction, new development or short-term rental (Airbnb/Vrbo) intelligence
  • Delays in finding and communicating with development sales teams
  • Property marketing materials/content hard to find, if available at all
  • Accuracy of project information is often questionable
  • Efficiency is lost to outdated interfaces that are not user-friendly
  • Lack of consistency between projects makes many property comparisons difficult
  • Analytics and data is not easily accessed, or provided in meaningful ways
  • If an agent/broker changes brokerages, they lose all their content.


DASH enhances the process of property discovery, sharing approved and current content with prospects, buyers, and associates on a single user-friendly platform that will produce more sales, faster.

  • A new standard to access developer inventory in one user-friendly environment
  • Project discovery offers real-time updates for users
  • Easy access to pre-formatted and unbranded marketing content, easily presented by individual agents
  • See detailed project information tailored to agents, e.g. preconstruction, new development,  short-term rental approvals, etc…
  • Communicate efficiently with on-site property sales team members.
  • Real-time notifications for property updates, with custom alert settings
  • Explore side-by-side comparisons of competing real estate developments
  • Analytics and data provided to help users determine trends and success.
  • A mobile-optimized platform that can be used anywhere, from any device.
  • Your DASH account goes with you wherever you go, even if you change brokerages.

Currently, no other Single-Platform Solution like DASH exists.

Dash users will have a huge competitive advantage by dramatically reducing research and discovery time, allowing them to realize greater sales at a much faster pace.

Revenue Subscription Models


There Are 3 Million Licensed Real Estate Professionals in the U.S.
1.5 Million Agents Specialize in Residential Sales Full-Time
713,000 are located in the Top 10 Markets

DASH assumes that of the 713,000 as many as 60% (427,800) of them either focus on commercial real estate, are part-time or have not sold anything in a one-year period, consequently, NOT in DASH’s “sweet spot.”

This reduces the audience to 285,200.

Agents will register for a complimentary, all-access, 10-day trial period to experience DASH’s tools and services. Thereafter, one of two monthly subscription plans are available:


$ 45

Per Month
  • Unlimited Access to the Full DASH Property Database
  • Access to Unbranded Property Marketing Materials
  • Download Preformatted Content for Marketing Channels
  • Property Updates Timestamped & Verified
  • Advanced Filters for Search
  • Custom Property and Market Alerts / Notifications
  • DASH Team Support


$ 90

Per Month
  • Unlimited Access to the Full DASH Property Database
  • Access to Unbranded Property Marketing Materials
  • Download Preformatted Content for Marketing Channels
  • Property Updates Timestamped & Verified
  • Advanced Filters for Search
  • Custom Property and Market Alerts / Notifications
  • Custom Portfolios to Showcase Featured Properties
  • Property Quick-Compare Tools
  • Private Sharing Links for Sharing Unbranded Content With Prospects
  • Analytics and Reporting Tools for Tracking Marketing Efforts
  • Enhanced DASH Team Support

DASH Projections of Top 10 Markets

Best Case
  • PREMIUM @ $45 per month: by year 3 capturing 10% (28,520) = $15.4 Million annual revenue.
  • PRO @ $90 per month: by year 3 capturing 10% (28,520) = $30.8 Million annual revenue.
  • Projected Annual User Revenue by Year 3 = $46.2 Million.
  • PREMIUM @ $45 per month: by year 3 capturing 5% (14,260) = $7.7 Million annual revenue.
  • PRO @ $90 per month: by year 3 capturing 5% (14,260) = $15.4 Million annual revenue.
  • Projected Annual User Revenue by Year 3 = $23.1 Million.
  • PREMIUM @ $45 per month: by year 3 capturing 2.5% (7,130) = $3.8 Million annual revenue.
  • PRO @ $90 per month: by year 3 capturing 2.5% (7,130) = $7.7 Million annual revenue.
  • Projected Annual User Revenue by Year 3 = $11.5 Million.


New Development Projects are 1 of 5 types:

Condominiums | Hotel Condominiums | Penthouses | Townhomes
Single-Family Home Communities

DASH will reformat all projects’ digital marketing content at NO-CHARGE ($10,000 value).

Developers will register for a complimentary, all-access, 30-day trial period to experience DASH’s tools and services. Thereafter, a monthly subscription plan is available:

DASH for Developers

$ 750

Per Month
  • Authorized development sales associates have real-time access to their property profile to update pricing, availability and sales information
  • Dedicated DASH Account Manager
  • Managed content formatting for social media, email, and other channels
  • “Un-branding” of marketing materials for subscribers
  • Detailed User Analytics & Reports
  • Custom Project Profile Link
  • DASH Button & Project Website Integrations
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support with direct sales messaging tools and more


Of the 2,500 projects in the Top 10 markets
that exist within DASH’s 5 project types…

Best Case
  • By Year 3, DASH will capture 60% or 1,500 projects @ $750/month.
  • Projected annual developer revenue by year 3 = $13.5 Million.
  • By Year 3, DASH will capture 50% or 1,250 projects @ $750/month.
  • Projected annual developer revenue by year 3 = $11.2 Million.
  • By Year 3, DASH will capture 40% or 1,000 projects @ $750/month.
  • Projected annual developer revenue by year 3 = $9 Million.

Developer’s on-site sales & marketing firms universally acknowledge the critical need for a digital platform that provides timely project updates for the agent community. Further, they have endorsed DASH’s proposed monthly launch fee.


Business Development

  • Brand Development
  • Business Plan & Financial Models
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Industry Leader Interviews
  • Investor Relations Materials
  • Patent / Trademarking
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

Product Development

  • Research & Development
  • User Testing (Design & Demo)
  • 50-Page Technical Documentation
  • Full Product Design
  • Interactive proof of concept

DASH Milestones in Progress

  • Platform Alpha Testing in Progress
  • Platform Public Beta in Progress
  • Mobile Application Development in Progress
  • Team Development in Progress
  • Developer Relations in Progress

Angel-Round Investment

DASH is reaching out to a remaining few individuals to complete its $1 million Angel Round.

DASH has secured $625,000 and is looking to finish the round with the remaining $375,000 investment opportunity.

This $1 million will equate to 25% ownership of a post-money valuation of $4 million.

Go-to-Market Rollout

National Roll-Out Sequence:

  • South Florida (Tri-County + Secondary FL Markets)
  • NYC
  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas / Ft. Worth
  • San Diego
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • San Francisco
  • Denver

*As determined by the number of agents. 

DASH Growth Roadmap

Founder + Team

Len Dugow
DASH Founder and CEO

Throughout his 30-plus–year career, Len Dugow has led the branding and marketing campaigns behind more than $40 billion in real estate for many of the nation’s most prominent luxury residential developers and brokerage firms.

Jorden Beatty
Project Manager

A key player from the early moments of the digital media revolution, Jorden has been successfully helping real estate professionals, developers, global luxury brands and niche startups find their voices online for more than a decade. A developer in his own right, Jorden’s diverse portfolio of work includes extensive project management, digital advertising, and website development experience in multiple business categories.

Kaile Choi
Executive Assistant to CEO

For more than 20 years Kaile Choi has been at Len Dugow’s side, providing him administrative and operational support as she directly manages, supervises and coordinates daily activities and operations. Her critical role extends to the oversight of all DASH departments including purchasing, budgeting, accounting, personnel, information technology and third-party support services.

Su Unlu
Development Sales Executive

Su Unlu is a highly accomplished sales professional with combined 14+ years of experience in luxury real estate, sales, marketing, and product launches. As a DASH Development Sales Executive, Su’s mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of the company’s pioneering technology for the pre-construction & new development real estate market.

Azure Gomez
Lead Data Engineer

As DASH’s lead data engineer, Azure is responsible for overseeing all platform data for analytical or operational purposes. Azure’s work on data collection and database systems drives the DASH project database forward as her team of engineers adds new project information and coordinates with developers to update existing data.

Sam Stemp
IT Manager

With more than 20 years of full-time IT management experience, Sam has supported many different industries and the use of hundreds of different business applications. As IT Manager at DASH, Sam implements and maintains the organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, website, and other database systems. He is also responsible for managing internal analytics and KPI dashboards with the goal of improving overall customer service and product deliverables.

Jasson Michaud | DigitalKrikits.com
Project Development Manager

For more than a decade Jasson Michaud has led a premier software development agency focused on enhanced user-experiences for unique clientele. His efforts are acclaimed by dozens of premier clients around the globe as his team has helped them to grow their B2B and SaaS platforms into successful businesses.

For DASH, Jasson is responsible for daily oversight of the core platform development, including strategic planning for future development features and releases as DASH grows and evolves. His expertise in project and resource management ensures that DASH’s development stays on track, on time and on budget.

Apiko | Apiko.com
Software Developer

Following an exhaustive search and review of more than 50 qualified software developers, DASH selected and hired the software powerhouse, Apiko, in September 2022 to develop and support the platform through launch and beyond. Founded in 2014, Apiko is a dedicated team of more than 120 highly skilled, experienced and motivated professionals trusted by both startups and Fortune 500 enterprise customers alike. Specialized in smart and efficient SaaS platform development with a keen focus on “getting the job done,” Apiko stands in a class of its own head and shoulders above its peers.

Hawke Media | HawkeMedia.com
Marketing Agency of Record

Founded on the idea that every modern business needs CMO-level experts to lead its digital marketing efforts, Hawke Media creates customized, performance-driven solutions around unique businesses, helping to launch, scale, and invigorate the brands.

Bringing  the resources of a full-service agency with the attention of an in-house team, the Hawke Media team shifts the marketing paradigm by putting client success ahead of their own, offering performance solutions that support businesses of all sizes, industries, and revenue models, with a particular specialty in launching SaaS platforms.

Propeller Industries | PropellerIndustries.com
Finance + Accounting

Propeller Industries is an enterprise-grade financial partner that empowers the most ambitious companies to reach their full potential. For DASH, Propeller provides a broad range of services including CFO-level strategic planning to day-to-day transaction processing through a team of fractional CFOs and accountants.

Matthew Lerner | TorchlightLLC.com
Business Development Consultant

Having launched ventures in online food delivery, celebrity sponsorships, ad-tech, hospitality, and travel, Matthew Lerner is an expert in helping early-stage companies strategize and navigate the many trials, tribulations and the fundamental series of obstacles all new startups face in turning a nascent idea into a burgeoning business.

Matt Dugow
Strategic Advisor
Senior Vice President: The Carroll Group at COMPASS

Matthew Dugow has spent more than a decade mastering the maxim of connecting people with places. Matthew holds multiple sales records throughout South Florida. His advisement and strategies for high-end developers and brokerages has led to more than $10 billion in sales.

Zack Dugow
Strategic Advisor

Zack Dugow is Founder and CEO of Insticator. Under Zack’s leadership, Insticator has grown to be the 680th fastest growing company by Inc 5000 and was rated the 3rd fastest growing solutions provider by Adweek. While DASH’s development is entirely independent of the Insticator’s platform, Zack’s experience provides DASH with an additional level of supervision and expertise.

Industry Feedback

Press Features


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What Industry Leaders Are Saying About DASH

"The timing couldn’t be better. We are eagerly anticipating the launch of the DASH platform for our agents and developers."

Jay Parker

CEO, Douglas Elliman, Florida

"DASH will be extremely beneficial for our developer projects and influence the way agents do business."

Beth Butler

Regional Director, New Development Southeast, Compass

"The way DASH approaches the agent / developer relationship is going to completely revolutionize how developer inventory is marketed and sold. It will be an essential tool for anyone who sells real estate, bar none."

Carolyn Block

Chairman, Master Broker Forum

"The future of residential real estate is here. DASH is revolutionizing how agents, brokers and developers work together to sell residential real estate. There's truly nothing on the market like it."

Gregory Freedman

Co-Founder, Co-CEO, BH3 Development

“DASH is destined to be an instant success. Its ability to provide accurate and timely access to developer content is exactly what agents need today. DASH will change the very nature of our business."

Seth Kaufman

Chief Sales Officer at ONE Sotheby's International Realty

“DASH is about to revolutionize how agents and developers work together. Its brilliance rests in its simplicity and ease-of-access to accurate and current content."

Brett Harris

Executive Director of Luxury Sales

Top 2% Of Agents Company Wide

"I can see the huge value DASH will provide for both agents and developers alike."

Dan August Cordeiro

Sr. Managing Director at Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group

"I believe DASH will be nothing less than AWESOME. I will want access the moment the new platform is live."

Anna Sherrill

Regional Director, Sales & Estates, ONE Sotheby's International Realty

"I would strongly encourage our developers to participate on the DASH platform."

Jacqueline Urgo

President, The Marketing Directors, Inc.

"I think DASH will be a huge stride forward for the NYC market especially, and we would certainly get behind it in a big way in all our markets."

Matthew Leone

CMO, Brown Harris Stevens

"The developer content that DASH will provide for agents will be NEXT LEVEL... this platform will be amazing for the entire industry."

Peggy Olin

President & CEO, One World Properties

"Amazing opportunity for DASH to become the 'industry Bible' for both agents and developers…Oak Capital will participate with all of our developments."

Ricardo Dunin

Founder & CEO, Oak Capital

"DASH could be the next big thing."

Philip Freedman

Director of Sales, The Ritz-Carlton Residences

"I can see Swire being very interested in DASH. We’re looking forward to it."

Maile Aguila

Director of Sales, Swire Properties



For information, please contact Len Dugow

Len@DashToDash.com  •  305 588 1144