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Building ‘A New Era of Homes and Neighborhoods’

Founded in 2021, Texas-based homebuilder Onx Homes is boldly disrupting the home-building category with cutting-edge technology that the company envisions is not only sustainable and streamlined, but a better quality product built faster — Onx claims its patented X⁺ CONSTRUCTION™ technology can deliver a new home in just 30 days.

“Onx exists to accelerate a new era of homes and neighborhoods. Combining proprietary design, technology and a customer-centric approach, our sustainable solutions—scaled at speed—deliver more value at every step of the homeowner journey.” – The Onx Homes Mission Statement

The company has already developed over 5,000 homes across market areas in Florida and Texas, and has rapidly expanded its workforce across multiple global cities, including Miami, Austin, Dubai, and Bengaluru. With 35 intellectual property patents, Onx Homes is definitely a homebuilder to keep an eye on for the forward-thinking homeowner.

Read on for a closer look into Onx Homes’ new developments.


At the heart of Onx Homes’ innovation is their proprietary X⁺ CONSTRUCTION™ technology, the backbone to Onx Homes’ mission to complete new homes with speed and scale. According to Onx, this advanced building system comprises key components:

The Bathroom Pod+

Constructed in the X+ Pod Factory, the Bathroom Pod+ is a concrete-engineered module that simplifies and speeds up the building process. The Bathroom Pod+ is constructed using their own automated Pod+ Configurator, which ensures each and every bathroom is free of human-error.

The Foundation+ and Staircases+

Built in the X+ Component Factory, this includes Foundation+ with an impressive 8,000 psi strength and staircases strengthened with concrete and prestressed beams, ensuring durability and safety.

The Core Wall+

Produced in the X+ Systems Factory, the Core Wall+ are concrete-engineered and are curated to withstand winds of 175 mph, providing essential protection against hurricanes and other forces of nature.

Sustainability at the Core

Sustainability is also a major cornerstone of Onx Homes’ philosophy that should be celebrated. Their partnerships with Biomason and Hempitecture ensures that their homes are not only built quickly but also responsibly. 

Here are the key sustainable building materials of Onx Homes’ communities according to the company:

  • Green Concrete: While more costly than wood, concrete offers superior durability against fire, rot, and weather. This choice significantly reduces long-term maintenance costs and environmental impact.
  • Thermal Insulation: Onx Homes are designed to lower heating and cooling costs by an average of 15%, thanks to advanced thermal insulation.

Paired with Onx Homes’ sustainable goals for their communities, including:

  • LEED Certification: By 2025, all Onx Homes will be 100% LEED certified, ensuring they meet the highest standards for environmental sustainability.
  • EV Charging Stations: By 2025, every Onx community will feature EV charging stations, promoting the use of electric vehicles.
  • Recyclable Materials: By 2028, 80% of the materials used in Onx Homes will be recyclable.
  • Carbon Neutrality: By 2030, Onx Homes aims to achieve carbon neutrality across their new homes.

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