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Empowering Development Sales Success

Agents Drive Over 85% of New Development Sales.

DASH can significantly enhance agent engagement for new development sales. It’s the cutting-edge solution the industry has been asking for — the best new marketing tool for residential real estate developers and on-site sales teams.

Increase Sales With Better Agent Resources

DASH is an exclusive collaboration platform for development sales and residential real estate agents.

  • Put your properties in front of thousands of active residential real estate agents who are eager to share the latest updates.
  • Easily organize all development marketing materials – including complimentary reformatting of all materials into unbranded formats for agents to use and share
  • Instantly alert users when you have an update to share about your property or development

The Best Way to Introduce New Developments to Agents and Their Clients

DASH is the solution for real estate developers, on-site sales and sales brokerages who want to generate more new development sales, while maintaining their brand image and voice.

  • Grant agents exclusive access to approved, unbranded and preformatted property marketing content
  • Update inventory, pricing and other property details in real time to keep agents current
  • Integrate DASH into the official development website and marketing efforts for easy sharing.

DASH For Development Sales


Say Goodbye to Cluttered DROPBOX Links

Share seamless access to Unbranded Agent Downloads, along with the reformatting of all property content for agents to share across their social media platforms and beyond.

Boost Credibility with a ‘Developer Verified’ Badge

DASH gives you an official ‘Developer Verified’ badge, signifying that your property information is authentic, up-to-date, and undergoes real-time updates. Plus, there’s no need for agents to subscribe to PRO; even Basic/freemium users can easily access and disseminate your official property data!

Priority Search Placement

Properties bearing this badge get the spotlight in all DASH search results, enhancing visibility to all agents on our platform.

Integrate with the Official Development Website

With DASH, each property gets its unique URL that can be effortlessly integrated into your official development website or shared through your internal sales channels, ensuring easier access for agents.

Insightful Property Engagement Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve by tracking how agents interact with your property profile on DASH. From monitoring the number of views and shares your property receives to ranking your most viewed and downloaded files.

Efficient Property Listing Management

Allow up to five development sales representatives to log in simultaneously to view engagement analytics and update property information, pricing, inventory, and files.

Real-Time Access to Engagement Data

Track agent engagement with real-time data and analytics for each of your properties, so you can see exactly how they are discovering, viewing and sharing your content.

  • Verify your development on DASH so agents know it’s current and reliable
  • Send agents real-time notifications for property updates
  • Access insight tools, like reports and analytics for tracking your agent engagement on each property you manage

It's really remarkable how DASH relieves so many pressure points for our development sales teams. Accurate content and effective communication tools are nothing short of game changing."

Gregory FreedmanCo-Founder, Co-CEO BH3 Development

Amazing opportunity for DASH to become the 'industry Bible' for both agents and developers…We're eager to participate and strengthen agent relations for our development sales."

Ricardo DuninFounder & CEO, Oak Capital

Start Engaging Agents With DASH

Every development sales team who lists on DASH is provided a real-life, walking, talking real estate marketing expert to help make sure their account is managed and maintained, anytime you need it.

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