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Built For The True Real Estate Entrepreneurs

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, staying informed and ahead of the curve is paramount. The most influential agents and brokers know the primary tool of the trade isn’t a firm handshake or a late-model SUV — it’s access and information. These are the masters of their market. 

With DASH, a cutting-edge and tech-forward proptech platform, agents can quickly and reliably see the scope of new development in their market with ease. By using DASH’s database and tools to discover new development inventory, agents can effortlessly stay on top of market trends, access comprehensive property data, and effectively market and new development they choose. Let’s explore how DASH empowers agents to become true masters of their market, offering unparalleled value and service to their clients.

Discover New Developments with Ease

New development sales can be tricky waters to navigate. Discovering, understanding and selling a new development is often an exercise of patience and good connections as much of the marketplace is siloed by brokerage sales, internal sales teams, and a lack of consistency between how each development’s sales information is made available to agents. 

Unlike existing home sales, your MLS falls short in the new development world, and agents who are seeking a full picture of new developments in their markets have to pour time and resources into staying on top of the hottest new properties for their clients.

And then there’s the engagement with on-site sales, which can often have its own hurdles for agents to overcome. From delays in communication, unclear availability and pricing on inventory and the complications and unreliability of file-sharing links like Dropbox, agents struggle to keep up. Luckily, that’s where DASH comes in.

With DASH, agents can effortlessly navigate a rich and agent-friendly database to discover the latest new developments, and access key unbranded sales and marketing materials to share with colleagues and clients. 

Whether it’s a single-family home in the suburbs or an urban high-rise, agents can find properties that perfectly match their clients’ preferences on DASH. They can even create and share comprehensive property portfolios that include properties of interest to their clients, complete with timestamps and property update alerts when something new is available or a change has been made. 

This newfound efficiency allows agents to focus on what truly matters—building relationships with clients, nurturing leads, and closing deals.

Stay in the Loop

Beyond simply listing new developments, DASH provides a comprehensive view of a project’s progress, availability, pricing, and key sales and marketing points. Whether it’s tracking the construction progress, understanding the pricing strategy, or getting a clear picture of the project’s position in the market, DASH ensures agents never miss a beat. 

By delivering up-to-date information and an intuitive interface, DASH ensures that agents can quickly get up to speed on every crucial aspect of a development. This enables them to provide informed and timely advice to clients, ultimately helping them spend less time researching and more time selling. 

Projecting an Image of Expertise

Armed with DASH, agents can project an image of expertise and confidence. The platform provides unlimited access to a library of unbranded content and collateral that can be directly shared with clients, completely unbranded with only the agent’s contact details. 

From development brochures and floor plans, to images and location maps, every resource needed to educate clients is conveniently available on DASH. Moreover, these features are fully optimized for mobile devices, enabling agents to work seamlessly from anywhere. This provision not only enhances agent-client communication but also establishes agents as trusted experts in their field.

Facilitating the Deal

The final and most critical part of any real estate transaction is sealing the deal. For new development, DASH plays a significant role in helping agents funnel buyers into a deal seamlessly. By being equipped with all the necessary information and resources from DASH, agents can effectively guide their clients, address their concerns, and expedite the decision-making process. This streamlined purchasing journey offers a superior client experience and increases the chances of deal closure.

DASH doesn’t merely keep real estate agents informed—it transforms them into masters of their market. By simplifying the process of discovering new developments, providing detailed insights, offering a plethora of shareable content – all on a single platform – DASH drives agents to stand out in the competitive real estate market. 

With DASH, you’re not just an agent—you’re an expert, a guide, and most importantly, the master of your market.

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