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Built For The True Real Estate Entrepreneurs

In over three decades of marketing luxury residential real estate throughout the U.S., I have developed considerable respect for agents, brokers and realtors. Individually, we rely on their insight, instincts and depth of knowledge to inform the most critical investment decisions of our lives. They are experts at interpreting what’s really happening in the world around them, so they can get it right when making decisions on behalf of their clients’ families’ futures.

The most successful brokers are entrepreneurs. They’re not in it for the health and dental, weekends off or even a pension plan. They’re in it for the fight. The fight to succeed for their clients and themselves. Because where most of us see challenges, they see potential.

The most influential agents and brokers know the primary tool of the trade isn’t a firm handshake or a late-model SUV — it’s access and information. These are the masters of intel. Getting it, vetting it, interpreting it and channeling it out in the right way to the right people, nonstop and in real time.

At DASH, our mission is getting agents and brokers access to accurate intel so they can make faster sales. We cordially invite you to experience the next evolution of residential real estate.

Len Dugow

Founder & CEO

About Our Founder

Len Dugow
DASH Founder and CEO

Throughout his 30-plus–year career, Len Dugow has led the branding and marketing campaigns behind more than $40 billion in real estate for many of the nation’s most prominent luxury residential developers and brokerage firms.

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